What Is The Hive Marketing Method

Introduction – Why Is Online Marketing Too Damn Complicated

For the past year or so I’ve been disillusioned with the way online marketing is being taught, there seems to be a competition among the guru’s about who can make marketing the most complicated.

The more complicated you make something the more likely it is that something will break, unfortunately, the more complicated things are the harder it is to find the break.

If you are a top notch marketer bringing in $1000 a day then by all means, make things complicated.  “Add the Fancy” as I like to call it. But if you are yet to create a life changing income keep it simple until that income is rolling in.

But never forget it doesn’t need to be complicated to work, the most efficient systems are often the simplest.

It came to a peak when I read a post in a facebook group where someone had followed a system to the letter, they had spent weeks setting everything up.

They had a lead Magnet , a ” Tripwire” (I hate that term) an upsell sequence and a down sell sequence and they started to run traffic. Unfortunately, they were making a small loss but were cheered and given High Fives because they were converting 8% of the visitors to subscribers.

I asked what the stats on their email open rates for their follow up sequence were and they proudly told me 10%

That was the point when I realized that I needed to  take the system I had been using and polish it up and make it fit for human consumption because my optin rates were averaging over 40%  and my email open rate was usually above 50% and it was generating me a six figure income.



If you were into Online Marketing 8-10 years ago you may well remember Bum Marketing, it was a very simple system that anyone could do even Bum’s!  It was simple and it worked.  Unfortunately, various changes in the Google algorithm made it less and less effective.

Technology has moved on since Bum Marketing but the principles of a simple system working really well still hold true so I set out to create something as simple but at the same time more resilient

I love developing and testing marketing systems and I use 4 main principles for every system I test.

It needs to be Simple

It needs to be Scalable

It needs to be Repeatable

It needs to be Profitable

Hive Marketing covers all 4 bases.

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Welcome To The Hive Marketing Method

I named this method Hive Marketing because in my slightly deranged mind it behaves like a bee hive sat in a field, you have your worker bees, you drones and the queen working away all day creating honey for the beekeeper. The beekeeper doesn’t need to spend all day looking after the hive it just carries on making the honey until he comes and collects it.

If the beekeeper wants more honey he simply creates a new  queen (thank you Discovery channel) and sets up a new hive. Over time that first hive can grow to multiple hives

So What is Hive Marketing?

It’s Simple

Hive Marketing is so simple anyone can do it from your 8-year-old daughter to your 98-year-old grandma.

You need a blog

A few articles

An autoresponder and some emails.

One of the core principles of the HIVE marketing method is that you don’t need Niches and you don’t need a Customer Avatar  we target our audience in a much more logical manner.

You Don’t Need a Big Budget

It doesn’t rely on a big budget items in fact during testing I set up a hive for $15.99  and could have got that down to $3.99 with coupon codes.

Obviously, if you already have or don’t mind getting a few tools like Leadpages, Thrive Leads  or Sumome then you can create a slightly more advanced system.

It’s Automated

Once you have your Hive set up it will run all day every day generating leads and making sales for you on autopilot,  all you need to do is check you stats and make any tweaks that will improve the performance

It’s Scaleable

Once you have your first hive working you can simply repeat the process and create another, and another and another.

How Hive Marketing Works

Hive Marketing works by finding an audience with a need we then match that up with a solution, which can be our own product, a service or an affiliate product. Because of the simplicity it works for B2B and B2C audiences equally well.

One of the examples I used recently was people who want to improve their putting.

Once we identify this audience we would then create a very simple blog and add a few articles all about improving putting.

Next, we would create a content upgrade which would be a simple email sequence that gave lots of actionable information about how to improve your putting. A few times  during that sequence we would present the benefits of our chosen solution.

Finally, we would send the audience to the hive using either free or paid methods or indeed both.

Told you it was simple!

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