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Creating A Long Term Income Term Doesn't Need To be Difficult


If you are anything like me you've bought lots of courses all promising to help you make lot's of money online.

The thing is when it comes down to it many just don't work long-term. Sure some will work for a short time but then something will change and they'll stop working.

The other thing that has maybe happened is that the sales letters made it look really easy to implement. Only after going through the course do you realize that it's actually a lot harder than the creator made it look.

Forget complicated.

Successful online businesses need to have a few common elements.

They need to be:


Easy To Implement






Not a Time Suck


Most of all they need to be simple.


The Cupcake Conundrum


If you were creating a cup cake what would you do?

Go for the full cream and glitter cupcake on day one?

Or learn to make the sponge first, get that right then move on to the frosting?

My Motto is "Keep it simple to start with, go full on fancy later!"

If you master the basics to start with you'll always be able to generate an income no matter where you are or what your circumstances are.

Simple = Results


What if I told you that it's possible to create an online business that is all of the above and more?
What if I told you to forget niches and to forget creating your customer avatar (Be honest now, do you really want to spend a day or more creating a Customer Avatar?)

When you think about it,  it makes more sense to refine your niche and create your avatar based on real buyers and real data.

What if I told you that you could build an online business that only had 4 elements?

  1. A Simple Blog (and I mean SIMPLE!)

  2. A Handful of Articles

  3. A Simple Way of Collecting Leads

  4. An Autoresponder Sequence

That's it. Nothing more.

The magic happens in the way you put them together.

Get it right and you have a high performing website that generates leads and sales on autopilot.


Introducing Hive Marketing


Ok, you are probably wondering what the hell Hive Marketing is.

This is a system i've been working on and improving over the past year or so.

I call it Hive Marketing because each combination of the 4 elements are free standing like a bee hive in a field, it's completely separate from every other hive in that field but they all contribute to the beekeepers honey pot.

If the beekeeper wants more honey he just increases the number of hives. That's exactly what you can do with Hive Marketing.

All too often people stop marketing because it just gets too complicated or doesn't get results. I wanted a system that was simple to set up, ran on autopilot and could be easily replicated.

Hive Marketing is that System

Hive Marketing is successful because I show you how to take a unique approach to your business, forget trying to find a Niche or work out who your Avatar is.

We start with the people who will want what you are offering.

The image below shows how once you know your audience needs your leads will multiply overnight.

Once you have those leads you are set to generate an income day after day.


The Power Of A Hive


These "Hives" will bring in leads and sales day after day, no matter what business you are in.

B2C - No problem

B2B -No problem

Product Creator - No Problem

Affiliate - No Problem

Online Marketing Niche ..yep

Weird Little Niches - Yep

You name it it will work.

This Works For Any Level Of Marketer

One of the great things about Hive Marketing is that it works for everyone no matter what your level. If you've never built a site before or you are vastly experienced the only difference will be the time it takes to implement your first hive.

The course takes you step by step through each element showing you examples and how best to structure your hive.

Nothing is left out and if you are stuck we have a comments section where you can get clarification or request a further video.


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Alex Makarski

"Mark delivers again. He made the new training as simple as possible but no simpler (sorry, Albert, had to steal that one from you). Which means this training is newbie friendly BUT not the same old fluff that many gurus are peddling. You can start very small and then scale. And, most importantly, this stuff WORKS!"

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Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

My name is Mark Thompson and I have been a full-time online marketer for 12 years. I started shortly after I moved to Spain and needed to generate an income.

The rest as they say is history.

I am happiest when I and working at improving my systems, surrounded by data and figures and trying to simplify them while at the same time making them more profitable.

I write about marketing over at my blog The Lifestyle Marketer